Canvas set Gallery wrapped "Bloom" Ralph Kinsey art
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Canvas set Gallery wrapped "Bloom" Ralph Kinsey art

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Ralph Kinsey's Sound Impression series. 3 - 18"x 30"x 2" thick gallery wrapped canvas prints. 

Canvas fine art prints by legendary drummer and Contemporary Blues artist Ralph Kinsey. Canvas prints by artist Ralph Kinsey are archival museum grade and made with the highest quality materials.This 3 set titled "Harvest" is a representation of sounds resignation of color and patterns from the tones, beats and rhythms of the drum. Mr. Kinsey achieved this representation by laying a piece of linen on his drum and began to tap,slap and pound pigments into the linen with a variety of brushes, while other times using his hands to apply the paint while maintaining the beat of the song playing in the back round. Purposefully using specific colors to identify and mimic different complimentary tones and used different methods of application to represent the tempo of a song. What was left behind was a stunning result of what Mr. Kinsey had in mind while creating the "Sound Impressions Series" This piece is 1 of a 32 piece collection titled "Sound Impressions"


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